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What Is Strict Constructionalism?

Strict constructionalism refers to a judicial philosophy in a form of a literal or strict reading of the the Constitution of the United States. This philosophy was written by the Framers for the main purpose and intention of limiting the power of the Federal government. This power is sometimes abused to the extent that it leads to bias against the people. Simply put, the concept allows only for the acceptance of what is already written in the Constitution and not its interpretation.

The Framers have this certain belief and understanding that there are specific rights of people that remain inalienable and inherited. This then does not give any small amount of power to the government to abuse its authority and violate these rights even though they hold high positions. The government instead should be the first to initiate efforts to protect the rights of its every citizen. With those being said, it is obviously a fact that the Framers are after protecting the rights of the state through the Strict Constructionalism.

One thing that Strict Constructionalism does not allow is adapting what is written or stated in it without any consideration if the Framers would agree since they want conformity to the principles of the constitution. They see to it that these principles are to be amended and not interpreted. This is for the goal of addressing different important issues and problems that are not being given appropriate. This is one important thing that constantly ensure since they value each and every person’s right and the state as a whole.

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