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What Is Substance Abuse Rehabilitation?

Substance abuse rehabilitation is another term used in place of alcohol rehab or drug rehab. It is merely a generic term that covers treatment for both kinds of substance abuse. The goal of substance abuse rehabilitation is to help the patient stop being dependent on either alcohol or drugs and to be able to live a life free of them.

As mentioned above, substance abuse rehabilitation is a very general term, and it can cover a host of methods and practices. There is no single method for helping people who are addicted to alcohol or any other drug. Sometimes, a method that works very well for one person may not be helpful at all to another. As such, substance abuse rehabilitation can be a tricky and lengthy process.

One thing is certain, though: in order for substance abuse rehabilitation to fully succeed, the patient must be cooperative to a certain degree. Various methods of rehabilitation require that the patient have the will - no matter how weak - to rid himself of his dependence on alcohol or drugs.

Substance abuse rehabilitation is usually done in stages. Some patients check in to specific rehabilitation centers wherein they are cut off from the “normal” world for extended periods of time. They may find that the isolation helps in hastening the process. For others, this does not work and they prefer to first go through the withdrawal process as an out patient, continuing with their daily lives. Either way, an important part of substance abuse rehabilitation is the follow up after a person has stopped his habit of drinking alcohol or taking drugs. Support group meetings, sessions with a therapist or mentor, and similar activities are rather important in helping the person maintain his alcohol-free or drug-free life.

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