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What Is Sunburn?

Anyone who has gone to the beach and stayed out too long under the sun will know what sunburn is. Medically speaking, however, sunburn is damage sustained by the skin due to overexposure to the sun. One does not have to be at the beach to suffer from sunburn - any location will do just as well!

The main thing about sunburn is that the living tissue on the outermost layers of the skin is damaged by ultraviolet radiation. Exposure to this radiation will result in a range of reactions: from pinkish or reddish skin to a nice tan to painful really red skin.

The best way to avoid sunburn is to control your exposure to the sun or artificial lighting that also emits ultraviolet radiation, such as tanning lamps. Of course, your lifestyle may require you to spend long periods of time under the sun, and in this case, you have to take protective measures in order to avoid getting sunburned.

Wearing clothing that will cover most of your body is a good idea. You do have to take into consideration the material used - it should be light and should allow air flow. Otherwise, you might suffer from a different problem: heat. Sunscreens are another viable option and work very well to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. The use of sunscreens has been the cause for debate for a long time now due to their potential to cause skin cancer. However, sunscreen manufacturers are continuously improving their products.

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