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What Is the Supinator?

A broad muscle extending from the elbow and all the way to the wrist. The supinator is a muscle in the arm that helps people perform the turning or twisting of the wrist, so that the palm is facing away from the ground. Supination is the technical term for having the wrist face upward or away from the ground, hence why the supinator is called what it is because it is the muscle that forces supination. The supinator will also cause the biceps to contract when performing supination because of their positioning relative to each other when the arm is bent at the elbow. However contraction of the biceps is not necessary when the arm is fully extended. Supination happens when the supinator rotates the radius. Sometimes it is also necessary for the biceps to help the supinator in the effort of supination.

Repetitive movement and damage to the radial nerve may cause a person to develop the Radial Tunnel Syndrome. A person with irritated or inflamed radial nerves may be said to have Radial Tunnel Syndrome. Radial Tunnel Syndrome may be caused by repeated strain of the supinator muscles. Radial Tunnel Syndrome is commonly contracted by Tennis players, musicians, truck drivers, and people who frequently use keyboards. Radial Tunnel syndrome is something that can heal with in a few weeks or in the worst cases for life.

The usual prescription for such conditions are pain suppressants and steroids. Doctors may even give cortisone injections to relieve extreme pain. In the rare cases where medication and relief are not enough doctors may perform surgery on the offended area.

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