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What Is the Tailbone?

In animals, the coccyx will extend beyond the 3 vertebras found in humans so as to create their tails, which is also why to coccyx is called the tailbone.

The tailbone, also known as the coccyx, is the last part of the vertebral column or spine. Coccyx originated from a Greek word that means cuckoo, pertaining to the side view shape of a cuckoo’s beak.

The tailbone is triangular in shape and it forms the back of the pelvis. The shape and size can be different for each person. It is made up of 3-5 vertebrae the merge together to create a segment, which is usually seen in the coccyx of adult humans.

The most common cause of injury to the tailbone is due to its being struck directly by blunt forces. Researches say that when comparing men and women, women are more susceptible to injury to the tailbone because of the birthing functions that they must do make it so that their hips are much wider then those of men. The magnitude of the injury will usually depend on how strong a force was applied to the area of the tailbone when the injury occurred.

Injury to the area of the tailbone will lead to pain, soreness, and for some people this will make it that bruising may be evident. It will also be common for the pain to be felt when empting the bowels. Women may also feel more pain during sexual intercourse.

As always a health care professional should be consulted with when there is anything that is wrong of different with the body.

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