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What Is a Tax Lawyer?

Different kinds of lawyers exist in order to represent a variety of clients according to their needs. Thus, lawyers have their own area of law as their expertise. Some choose to specialize in more specific areas of law while others practice general civil or criminal law. A lawyer who specializes in the area of taxation is referred to as a tax lawyer.

Tax lawyers represent people, corporations, companies, organizations, and other entities in matters of taxation. Such lawyers have spent years educating themselves specifically in the area of tax law in order to inform their clients of the best method or solution with regards to aligning their clients’ needs and wishes with all the necessary national, federal, and local tax laws.

However, tax lawyers may also be categorized into sub-specialties in the area of tax law. Some tax lawyers choose to further their specialization such as an income tax lawyer. Income tax lawyers often work with individuals in arranging all the necessary documents to file their income taxes at the appropriate time. It is within the power and ability of an income tax lawyer to provide his or her client with the necessary information regarding the income tax laws the client must comply with along with all the documents that the client must answer. It is possible for an income tax lawyer to represent his or her client in court in the event that the client is subject to an income tax investigation. Other tax lawyers may choose to focus their area of expertise in business tax law or individual tax law.

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