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What Is Testosterone?

Testosterone occurs in both men and women but it is the main male sex hormone. It is derived from cholesterol and is produced in the gonads. As a hormone, it is classified as an anabolic steroid which creates body tissue to become bulky through retaining protein.

During puberty, testosterone is at its peak in both young women and men. This spike in testosterone levels helps the body to mature through a growth spurt. Body hair begins to grow and the skin and hair become more oily. Male reproductive tissues such as the testes and prostrate are dependent on testosterone. Boys experience height growth, deepening voices, increase in muscle and bone mass, growth of the Adam’s apple, a remodeling of facial bone contours along with a growth in the jaw, brow, nose and chin, phallic enlargement, broader shoulders and a wider rib cage.

The increase in bone density makes men less prone to bone diseases such as osteoporosis and injuries. Alzheimer’s in women is also a sign of low testosterone. Male and female brains are also different due to testosterone. The steroid effect is seen in men’s brains which are usually larger the same way most of the other organs are also quite large. Testosterone merely causes a larger growth rate.

Excess testosterone causes acne, cancer growths, insomnia and very oily skin. Low testosterone however, lowers energy and libido and increase erectile dysfunctions. Testosterone levels lower with older age. Some men as they age, prefer to undergo replacement therapy so that they maintain a certain level of energy and vigor.

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