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What Is the Thigh Bone?

The thigh bone, also referred to as the femur, is the strongest bone in the body, it is located between the knee the hip of each leg. The hip connects to the top of the thigh bone while its bottom portion connects with the knee. This description is according to anatomical position. The anatomical position is the position of a normal human being when standing straight and upright with the arms held straight at the sides of the body where the thumbs are furthest away from each other. This is the standard used for most if not all physiological, anatomical, and medical textbooks and discussions. Besides being the strongest bone in the body femur is also the longest bone, usually 48 centimeters long. As proof of its strength tests have shown that it can hold 30 times the weight of the average adult human.

The two main parts of the thigh bone are the lesser and greater trochanter, each of them being readily distinct from each other by virtue of their size, necessary for keeping the muscles of the thigh and hip in the proper places. Those who are studied in anatomy or simple know where to look may be able to feel for their own greater and lesser trochanter.

The condyles are parts of the thigh bone that play support roles. Located at the medial and lateral portions of the thigh bone, this is again based on the standard of the anatomical position. They are responsible for facilitating fluid motion of the knee joint.

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