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What Is a Tomboy?

Girls who choose to hang out with boys and play hard core games with them rather than play Barbie dolls with other girls are called tomboys. They would rather run, climb trees, play wrestling and basketball rather than play with their dolls and Polly pockets. They would rather be violent than be feminine like their other girl friends. These girls are pre-judged during their childhood stage, and determined during the adolescent stage.

Most of the time, a girl become a tomboy because she is the only girl in the family, especially if she is the youngest. She would do anything to catch the attention of her parents and brothers by acting just like them. Another scenario is if her father is too strict and won’t allow her to wear girly dresses and play with her girl friends. It would be easier for her to adopt the boys’ lifestyle.

During childhood, tomboys are not really a major problem because there is still a chance that they can change and adopt the feminine ways when they reach their teenage years. However, the problem starts when she would not change and continues her masculine practice until her teenage years. There is a tendency for her to be bisexual or worse, a lesbian who likes people of the same sex and not the opposite sex. This is the major fear of parents who have a tomboy daughter. However they should still give their daughters a chance to grow up and discover herself, who and what she really wants to become, before judging them.

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