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What Is Trade Dress Infringement?

Trade dress infringement is copying the exterior design of another product which results in a somewhat identical appearance. Imitating even just the physical appearance of a product or company is considered to be a major violation.

People who own products that were copied have the power to file a case against the violators. This kind of infringement is considered to be serious nowadays because originality and uniqueness are high valuable for a company’s success. But as companies become victims of this kind of violation, many have closed down due to confusions among their consumers. The consuming public can become confused and misled if they are not sure what products to buy or choose because of many similarities or imitations. What happens then as they choose one over the other, the other companies experience less sales and profit.

Once a company or even just the owner is positive about the trade dress infringement in their products, they could decide to file a case against those suspects. The process starts with the hiring of an attorney to begin the investigation and put the conflicts into legal resolution.
This law serves as a reminder to businessmen and owners of companies to be extra careful in handling and keeping their products. At the same time, they have to be careful in choosing the people who will work for them.

Also, this law serves as a warning people are into copying or imitating the hard work and ideas of other people. They should remember that only those who work hard can succeed in the end but those who steal and cheat are bound to suffer through the proper punishments.

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