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What Is Transformative Mediation?

In the Promise of Mediation, Robert A. Baruch and Joseph P. Folger first articulated that Transformative mediation describes a unique approach to conflict intervention.

Transformative mediators practice is focused on supporting empowerment and recognition which enables the parties involved to approach their problems and come up with a solution on their own. Empowerment is for the party to state and recognize their own issues and come up with a solution on their own and recognition helps them recognize the other parties’ problems or approach to the problem and understand why they seek the solutions that they do. A mediator will work with the parties to make suggestions and ask questions but not enforce a settlement.

In Transformative mediation, settlement is not the only issue of success, but measured wherein the parties would build new understandings of their situation, look at the possibilities and make their own decision. This success relies on the parties’ own hands. Transformative mediation provides a forum for the disputing parties to discuss their problems with a neutral party. This is helpful to clients to make better choices on how to proceed and have better understanding of the other party. This process encourages both parties discussion, decision-making, and inter-party perspective taking in various ways. Transformative mediation does not require or force the parties involved to a settlement or agreement, this decision is entirely their own choice. This mediation is only helping them to understand and reach a mutual solution or suggest other approaches for handling the situation.

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