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What Is a Trial Lawyer?

Within a certain jurisdiction, individuals are licensed to practice law. These individuals are called attorneys, or more formally known as attorneys-at-law and colloquially as lawyers. A lawyer provides clients with various legal services. Such services may include representing a client in a transaction or in a court of law. A lawyer who specializes in representing individuals in a court of law, that lawyer is referred to as a trial lawyer.

A trial lawyer acts as an advocate or legal counsel for a client in a court case. The trial lawyer presents an argument on behalf of his or her client that provides the best feasible resolution under the terms and conditions set forth by the law. Some trial lawyers may sub-specialize in an area of law such as corporate law, criminal law, or family law. Specializations make it easier for individuals to seek out trial lawyers to represent them based on the issue at hand.

In a criminal case, there exist 2 kinds of trial lawyers. One trial lawyer represents the prosecution and is referred to as the prosecutor or crown lawyer, while the other trial lawyer represents the defense and can be called the defense attorney. It is the responsibility of each trial lawyer to argue on behalf of his or her respective client, either to prove innocence or guilt. In civil cases, the trial lawyer may represent the plaintiff, the one who has filed a grievance with the court, or the defendant, the one accused of wrongful acts.


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