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What Is a Trial Notebook?

A court hearing involves many documents, and it becomes difficult to keep track of such documents in the proper manner, whether it is chronologically or by relevance. However, there have been methods or items that have been developed in order to prevent documents from being difficult to find. One such item organizes legal documents by sections according to the preference of the person organizing. This item is referred to as a trial notebook.

It is absolutely imperative that documents for a court case be arranged in a manner that makes it easy for litigants or lawyers to quickly get or refer to. A trial notebook is often sectioned according to parts of a court trial. For example, some documents may be stored in a section called jury selection, while others may be placed in a section of opening statements, direct examinations, or closing statements.

A trial notebook allows such sectioning and organization through the use of a three-ring binder. Each section is separated by a tab in order to provide quick access to such documents.

The use of a trial notebook provides a person with many distinct advantages such as, placing all the relevant documents in one section, decreasing the likelihood of losing documents, easy location of such documents through tabbed sections, and easy to note organization. It is important that the use of a trial notebook be maintained all throughout a court case, and it is helpful if one main trial notebook contains all the documents. A second copy of the trial notebook is also helpful in the event that another may wish to view such documents.

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