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What Is a Trunk Show?

In the world of fashion, a trunk show refers to an event in which the fashion designer puts a special display of his collection in front of a select group for review. The term “trunk show” was actually taken from the actual practice of the designers or sales representatives showing with a trunk full of clothes or accessories to show to different venues or areas. A trunk show can often be witness in the boutique divisions of department stores. The trunk shows will usually contain pieces for a collection that have not been shown to the public yet. The select group will have the opportunity to view it first. It is common practice in trunk shows for the attendees to be given the opportunity to buy or order items from the shown collection during the event.

A trunk show is quite useful for small boutiques because they do not have the deep pockets or the space to buy an entire collection or line. With a trunk show, the small boutique can give its customers the opportunity to see the entire line of a particular designer to its select customers. The trunk show also benefits boutiques in that they can test the viability or reception of a particular designer’s line without fully committing to purchasing pieces for sale. If the trunk show is well received the boutique owner can place orders for more pieces. But if the show was not well received then the boutique can pass on the designer’s line.

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