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What Is a Tuile?

A tuile is actually a baked good. It is a light, dry and crisp cookie that come in a myriad of shapes, sizes and flavors. Tuiles are a versatile type of cookie that can be used for many different purposes. It can be used as a garnish for ice creams or crusts for tarts, just to name a few. Making tuiles is a very easy process and because of its versatility, the recipe can be modified in many different ways.
The word “tuile” is actually taken for the French word that means “tile.” The name is actually a reference to the classic shape of the tuile, wherein the cookie is baked and then molded around an item like a dowel while it is still warm and pliable. The cookie will easily slip off the mold when it cools, and it maintains a shape that is similar to a roof tile. Other bakers will use other types of molds in order to make the tuiles look like cups or flowers. Others turn tuiles into cylinders that are then filled with a many delicious fillings.

The basic tuile is made from flour, eggs, butter, and sugar. Some people add flavoring like orange or lemon zest, chocolate, spices, nuts or sesame seeds. Almost all tuiles are thin when they start baking, and there are some that form the lacy pattern that are also typical of a tuile. Tuiles are usually served, arranged to look like a row of overlapping tiles. The smaller tuiles shaped like cups can be used to hold different fillings while larger ones can even be used as some type of ice cream cup.

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