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What Is Unemployment Insurance?

Unemployment insurance is a type of insurance policy that will ensure that the policy holder will have some sort of income in case of temporary unemployment. Unemployment insurance is taken out and paid while an individual is employed. In case he finds himself without a job, he can file for a claim, and he will receive weekly payments. It is important that a person file for an unemployment claim as soon as he becomes unemployed as the benefits from this kind of insurance policy are only applicable once a claim has been filed.

There are several factors that have to be taken into consideration when determining if an individual is eligible for unemployment insurance. One is the reason for the loss of the job. Normally, the individual has to be terminated by the employer. If the employee quits the job of his own accord, he usually will not qualify for unemployment insurance. Another factor is the length of time that person has worked with the previous employer. If the individual has worked for less than three months with his previous employer, the chances are that he will not be able to benefit from unemployment insurance.

How do you make a claim for unemployment insurance? The process really depends on your state, as there may be variations in the steps for making a claim. However, in general, you can check the web site of your local Department of Labor office for instructions. More so, you will probably be able to make the claim and do follow ups over the phone.

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