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What Is Upholstery?

Anyone whose ever been to a furniture store will hear the word “upholstery.” Basically, it means the material whichfills and covers seats, whether that be a large living room sofa, a little kitchen stool, or a plush chair in the boardroom of a swanky office.

Upholstery is made from a variety of materials, which each have their pros and cons, and naturally, their own price range. Cotton upholstery, for example, has the advantage of coming in several prints and colors. Leather upholstery, on the other hand, is easier to clean. Some materials also tend to be associated with certain design themes. A vinyl chair doesn’t go in a Country Home aesthetic, but it would look perfect for a more modern or pop-culture type of setting.

The type of upholstery will also affect how the seat “feels.” For example, some like the chair to be firm, while others prefer the comfortable feeling of being able to “sink” into a lavishly cushioned sofa. This is determined by the degree and type of foam padding density.

Interior designers will often bring upholstery swatches to show to clients before decorating a room. However, anyone can decide to reupholster a chair if they want a different look. In fact, reupholstering furniture could be one of the cheapest, easiest and yet most dramatic ways of fixing up a room. For example, people can change the seat covers of mismatched furnitures for a more coordinated vibe, or choose a more dramatic pattern for a large sofa to turn it into the accent piece of the room.

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