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What U.S. States Have the Highest Auto Insurance Costs?

According to a recent study by, Louisiana has the highest average cost for auto insuarance of any U.S. state. A forty year old male with a clean driving record, commuting twelve miles to work, was used as a baseline; in Louisiana, he would pay an average of $2,510.87 per year.

Rounding out the ten most expensive states, this same driver would pay:

- $2,098.29 in Michigan
- $1,869.39 in Oklahoma
- $1,857.96 in Montana
- $1,774.41 in California
- $1,772.83 in South Dakota
- $1,753.19 in Washington, D.C.
- $1,751.42 in Georgia
- $1,679.15 in Illinois
- $1,678.90 in Connecticut

Source: RideLust

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