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What Is Vehicle Abatement?

It is not unusual for cars to be abandoned when they are found to be too old or no longer functional. When this happens, it becomes a problem as to where it has been abandoned and on whose property it’s on. Thus, a program was created in order to resolve this issue. This program is referred to as vehicle abatement.

Vehicle abatement is a government run and funded programs that may also involve private companies. This can happen when private tow companies are used to bring the abandoned vehicles to the premises of the government for storage or other purposes. This is done depending on the jurisdiction.

A distinction must be made between vehicle abatement and towing. Towing is done due to traffic enforcement. For example, a car is towed when it is has exceeded the parking limit of the parking spot. Vehicle abatement on the other hand is meant to remove unwanted vehicles from wherever they are and to dispose of them. However, law enforcement officers are responsible for both the process of towing and the process of vehicle abatement.

Vehicle abatement is not necessarily done to any and every abandoned car. Criteria are followed. For example, a car that does not violate the rules and regulations of traffic enforcement is not necessarily removed from its place. It is possible for a law enforcement officer to subject a car to vehicle abatement when it has come to his or her notice that the car has not been moved for a lengthy period of time.

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