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What Vehicles Have the Most Loyal Buyers?

Every year, research company R.L. Polk compiles a list by segment of the car or truck with the most loyal buyers; in other words, when it comes time to replace an existing vehicle, these customers simply buy a newer model of what they already drive. Some results are expected, but others will surprise you:

- Compact Car: Mini Cooper, with 28.2% owner loyalty
- Mid/Full Size Car: Toyota Prius, with 38.9% owner loyalty
- Luxury Car: Mercedes-Benz E Class, with 45.6% owner loyalty
- Sports Car: Dodge Challenger, with 20.2% owner loyalty
- Luxury Sports Car: Jaguar XK, with 22.2% owner loyalty
- Minivan: Chrysler Town & Country, with 32.6% owner loyalty
- Mid/Full Size Pickup: Ford F-Series, with 42.3% owner loyalty
- Compact SUV: Subaru Forester, with 31.9% owner loyalty
- Mid/Full Size SUV: Lexus RX, with 41.1% owner loyalty
- Luxury SUV: Land Rover Range Rover, with 35.4% owner loyalty

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