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What Was the Renaissance?

The Renaissance was a particular time in the history of Europe that was significant for the cultural explosion that happened during this period. Many factors contributed to the beginning of the Renaissance period, which had a tremendous impact on the lives of the Europeans and the people living in the region. Centuries after this glorious period in Europe, historians are still unraveling the details of the Renaissance and are still continuing to marvel at the beautiful works of art and intellectual and scientific achievements that were undertaken during this period. In fact, the Renaissance as a term has also come to be used to describe a sudden development in the arts and in culture.

The common belief is that the Renaissance has its roots In 14th century Italy when Europe was just coming out of the Middle Ages. Historians do no agree as to how the Renaissance were brought about but there is belief that it stemmed from the revival of arts and the importance of learning. There is also belief that the Black Death that swept over Europe may have brought out in people a greater interest In life and what it represents on Earth.

The number of cultural contributions that Europe has been able to give during the Renaissance period is so great that it Is not possible to list all of them but it's impact cannot be denied especially since its effects can still be felt up to the present. Just the invention of printing alone is one milestone achievement that carried with it such far reaching implications.

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