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What Is Web Hosting?

While web design involves creating a website, web hosting involves finding space for it. Web hosting is like the real estate aspect of the Internet. The companies rent out the tremendous space on their hard drives, which are far more powerful and massive than those found in the typical user’s home computer.

If web hosts are like real estate, web servers are like apartments. The apartment may have different rooms, each holding a different tenant. All the tenants “share” the address in the sense that the apartment has a specific street number, street name, city and zip code. This address is the numerical IP (Internet Protocol) address. However, the tenants also have a unique number assigned to the unit they live in.

The IP address is a unique code that allows servers and the web search engines to locate a particular website. However, website viewers won’t be able to remember a long string of numbers. Instead they type in a website address.

It is possible to pick from different kinds of web hosts. Some are free; others have very minimal payments; others are designed for business websites and offer tools like credit card processing. Web hosts may also have specific policies for programming language as well as content restrictions and privacy policies.

Before choosing a web host consider the budget and the purpose of the website. Free web hosting is ideal for personal websites, and most casual users won’t mind having to run ads in exchange for the service. However it is possible to remove the pop up ads by upgrading to a payment option.

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