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What Is a Wellness Hotel?

Generally, the label wellness hotel is applied to institutions which offer medical services which target people who have to undergo lengthy procedures and rehabilitation periods. These procedures may require surgery, medical treatment, or counseling. In some cases, the term wellness hotel is also applied to spas or resorts with a focus on alternative forms of healing. These wellness hotels also offer a host of other recreational activities that can serve as a form of therapy.

Another way by which wellness hotel is used is when an entity offering accommodations partners up with a hospital. In this scenario, the hotel offers lodging to patients of the hospital who may live far away. The patients and their companions may then stay at the wellness hotel, which is in close proximity to the hospital, while undergoing treatment.

The advantages to staying in a wellness hotel is pretty obvious. The proximity to medical care is a big convenience and may very well save on travel costs. However, it is also to be noted that wellness hotels may end up costing you a considerable sum of money. Given the array of services that they offer, they feel rather justified in applying rather high prices. As a matter of fact, wellness hotels are perceived to be more of a luxury than a necessity. As such, your average health insurance policy will probably not cover the costs of a wellness hotel. This is even more applicable to wellness hotels that fall under the second description. Spa services and other forms of alternative therapies are usually not considered essential by health insurance companies, and thus, you have to pay for these services out of your own pocket.

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