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What Is WiMax?

Anyone who reads about the Internet will encounter two terms: wireless and broadband. However, WiMax is a standard that actually merges the two, and takes the best of both worlds.Like Broadband, WiMax is very fast and can deliver large amounts of data. But it does this through a wireless connection, making it possible to create a large and powerful wireless internet system that spans sprawling places like airports, college campuses, and small communities.

WiMax is grounded on the IEEE 802.16 Air Interface Standard, It has a point-to-multipoint architecture. This creates a lot of benefits. For example, it helps provide broadband Internet access to communities that are too remote for high-speed lines to be set up. WiMax can work up to a service range of 50 kilometers, acting as “last mile” connection.

WiMax is pretty powerful. Aside from its 50 kilometer range it has a shared data rate of
70Mbps. This is enough for almost a thousand homes to enjoy pretty fast web capabilities. In this respect WiMax is an improvent over wifi. It uses bandwidth pretty efficiently and has a wider “reach.”

WiMax is also easy to install. It taps cell phone towers, and makes use of a standard T3 line and a microwave link. (The typical ISP or Internet Service Provider, on the other hand, uses wire and divides bandwidth among the people using it at a given time). Thus it is actually possible to set up a WiMax to serve an entire community within just a few days.

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