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What Is Wolfram Alpha ?

Wolfram Alpha or Wolfram|Alpha as they write it, is an innovative answer engine which answers your questions by crawling through the structured data on the web. Developed by well known scientist Stephen Wolfram and named after his last name, this tool was launched in May, 2009.

Wolfram Alpha's main aim is to make knowledge and facts available to everyone and presented in the simplest manner possible.

The answer computing capability of this engine has been applauded all over the internet and many leading websites touted it as the next Google or the Google killer.

Apart from answering general queries, it does offer quite intelligent answers to seemingly innocuous questions. For example, check what it answers to "How many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man?"

According to recent reports by TechCrunch, Wolfram Alpha struck a deal with Bing to use some of its data.

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