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What Is Womanizer?

A womanizer refers to a man who is involved in many relationships with women all at the same time without even considering long term relations with a certain woman. A womanizer enjoys serial dating and seduction as a way to prove his sexual and masculine prowess. He usually sports the most up to date clothing and style, rides in flashy cars and exudes a kind of confidence that is noticeably above the other men in a room. A womanizer is adept in attracting women through by means of communications. They are skilled talking to women and holding their interest until such time when women give up to them physically. A womanizer may not necessarily be interested on the woman but is only interested on his ability to seduce women and get his benefit out of it.

The behavior or a womanizer is based on social constructs that men are superior to women and that women are only for fun. This type of mentality can be attributed to patriarchy or chauvinism that views women as something that can be manipulated and can be played upon. A womanizer is also a man who is afraid of break-ups that is why he make sure that he is in control of a situation and is the one in control of the relationship. He is afraid of rejection that is why he is bound to enter into superficial relationship with many different women whom is aggressively caught with his attracting worlds and gestures towards them. Because womanizers love women’s company, not the women themselves, they are not capable to maintaining a monogamous relationship.

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