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What Is Workplace Mediation?

When a dispute arises in a work environment between 2 individuals, it is possible to reach a resolution through workplace mediation. This type of conflict resolution involves a third party acting as a mediator between 2 individuals who work in the same milieu and voluntarily choose to undergo workplace mediation.

When entering into workplace mediation, the individuals who have a dispute usually do not bring lawyers or legal counsel into the dispute since this is not a formalized court setting. A mediator is brought in to help settle the dispute by allowing all the involved parties to come to a compromise. The mediator is a trained professional who pays close attention to the needs and wants of each party. He or she is an impartial, third party who does not profit from the resolution. The mediator requests that the involved parties attend sessions in order to gradually and completely resolve the dispute. The resolution involves a verbal agreement between the parties, a compromise in order for each party to assert himself or herself as well as to ensure that the rights of each party are respected. The outcome of workplace mediation is strictly confidential.

Individuals who enter into workplace mediation may do so in order to avoid a possible conflict or to prevent a conflict from becoming significantly more difficult to resolve. In order for this type of conflict resolution to be successful, the involved parties must make an effort to cooperate with the mediator and to attend the sessions voluntarily.

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