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Where to Get Help for Your Alcohol Addiction

When you get to the point where you are ready to give up drinking, there are many places where you can get help for your alcohol addiction. Self-help groups, counselors, and treatment programs are available to offer aid to people who want to live sober lives.

Alcoholics Anonymous has chapters all over North America and in countries around the world. Members provide support to each other, and the only prerequisite for attending a meeting is the desire to stop drinking. There is no charge associated with joining AA, although members can make a donation to cover the cost of holding meetings if they wish.

Counseling for is another choice when you want to get help for your alcohol addiction. Addiction counselors, psychologists and social workers can provide this type of therapy to people trying to stop drinking. Since so much of an alcoholic's lifestyle revolves around drinking, he or she is going to need to learn new ways to deal with the pressures of life without using alcohol. Through counseling, the person living with an alcohol addiction is able to develop strategies to cope with cravings and learns what kinds of situations will trigger an urge to drink again.

Treatment programs are another option when you want to get help for your alcohol addiction. They are listed in the Yellow Pages, and you can check out various centers by conducting an Internet search. You will want to find out about the center's treatment philosophy to see whether it makes sense to you.

Going to a residential program makes good sense, since it means you can focus on your recovery without having the distractions of your friends who are still drinking, places where you used to go to drink, and the numerous ads and messages that people are bombarded with on a daily basis about alcohol use.

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