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Where to Get Help for Your Diet Addiction

When you are ready to get help for your diet addiction, you have a few options. Seeing your doctor and telling him or her the truth about your problem. The doctor can evaluate your condition and make a recommendation about where you should go to get treatment.

Seeing a therapist may be helpful to change your attitudes about food and what you are eating. You will want to find someone who has experience with treating eating disorders to help you. Another option to consider when you want to get help for your diet addiction is to find a support group. You can find one that meets in physical location or participate in one online.

Online support groups are convenient; you can join in the discussions at a time that is convenient for you. You can also use a screen name instead of revealing your true identity. It may be easier for you to share personal information about your relationship with food if you feel that you are shielded from having to reveal your name and other identifying information.

If your addiction is a severe one, you may want to get help for your diet addiction by going to a treatment center. A good program will help you to examine your thoughts about eating and help you to make better choices going forward. You will want to find out whether the inpatient program you are considering has a doctor on staff; some people with diet addictions are prescribed medication as part of the recovery process.

Nutritional counseling, menu planning, and individual and group therapy sessions should be part of the treatment program you are considering. Not all health insurance plans will cover a stay at a residential program to get treatment for addictions, and you should check with your carrier to find out if this is covered when you are trying to get help for your diet addiction.

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