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Which Are the Most Difficult Languages to Learn?

Languages all over the world are so diverse. At last count, there are over 2650 languages on earth and over 7000 dialects. With this many languages, it is hard to determine which ones are the hardest languages to learn. Each language presents its own challenges and what would be considered as difficulty may change for each person who is studying the language. An additional factor that will help determine how easily or hard you may learn a language is the mother tongue. The linguistic closeness of the mother tongue to the new language being learned can help in learning the new language more easily. For example, a person whose mother tongue is Spanish will find it easier to learn a language like Italian or Portuguese. Additionally, a Chinese speaker will most likely learn Japanese faster compared to a person whose mother tongue uses the Roman alphabet. The aptitude of the person to learn another language is also a determining factor. There are some people who have a natural knack for learning new languages. While others just find it difficult to learn a new language.

Based on the study made by the British Foreign Office, the most difficult language to learn is Basque, a language spoken in certain parts of France and Spain. This is followed by Hungarian, a language that has 35 cases. German and Russian are also quite difficult to learn because of the complex punctuation system -- considered to be the hardest in the world.

English is actually a hard language to learn becausee of the different pronunciations of certain words and also the irregular verbs that one has to memorize.

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