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Which Countries Are Landlocked?

Landlocked countries are those that do not have any coastline. Its borders are adjacent to land on all sides. According to the CIA World Factbook, about 44 countries in the world are landlocked. A landlocked status for a country is a critical factor because it prevents the said country from gaining free access to the ocean, which is crucial in establishing trade with other countries all over the world. Goods that are manufactured in a landlocked country must first be transported through another country before it can be further transported by sea to other countries.

A landlocked status for a country has far greater ramifications that are not just superficial. For example, the gross domestic product per capita in landlocked countries is markedly lower compared to other countries that have coastlines. Only Switzerland and Austria are the only landlocked countries that have a higher than average per capita GDP. The average gross domestic product per capita for the world is placed at about $15,000 USD.

There are only two countries In the world that are said to be double landlocked. These are lichtenstein and Uzbekistan. A double landlocked country is a country that is bordered by other landlocked countries. The largest landlocked country, on the other hand, is Kazakhstan. It is also the ninth largest country in the world with a land area of about 1 million square miles (2.65 million square kilometers.

All in all, Africa is home to 15 landlocked countries. Asia has about 12 landlocked countries. Europe has the same number of landlocked countries as Africa with 15. South America has two landlocked countries.

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