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Which Countries Have the Highest Military Expenditures?

Many countries invest quite heavily in their military. The worldwide average is $311 per capita, but this is by no means evenly distributed. Many countries will spend as many as thrice the amount.
This is a list of the countries with the highest military expenditures, as computed as per capita (or, expenses relative to the size of their population).

Israel has the largest per capita spending at $1,487. This figure could be explained by the fact that it has a very small population, but high military needs, considering its long-running territorial disputes with neighboring countries. Isreal also mandates its population to serve some time with the military.
Singapore, another small country (in fact, its population is smaller than some major cities!) is second with a per capita military spending of $1,003 Singapore Military Expenditures.

Based on the per capita method of computation, the United States only comes third at an average of $986. It does spend millions on its military forces and weapons, however the figure is lower in comparison because of its larger population.

Brunei and Kuwait come in the top 10 at $977 and $931 per capita, followed by New Caledonia ($925), Qatar ($911), Oman ($893), Bahrain ( $801), and Saudi Arabia ($778). Many of these are very small countries but very affluent ones, being very rich in oil.

France and Norway also spend a relatively high amount on military development, with an average of $778 and $687 respectively. This is followed by the United Arab Emirates, at $654; Greece, at $574 and (last among the list of those who spend more than five hundred dollars per capita), United Kingdom at $534.

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