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Which Professional Sports Teams Don't Own the Domains for Their Team Names?

It is a common expectation that the web domains for the top, market leading brands will be owned by the brand owners or companies, in much that same way that McDonald's owns or Microsoft owns microsoft. com.

You would think that the professional sports clubs, being high profile brands themselves will own their web domains. But surprisingly, this is not the case. Many sports clubs do not own their own web domains and this number would vary according to the league.

Based on studies of the four major team sports leagues in the US, the National Hockey League (NHL) possesses the lowest number of team name domains owned by the team owners. Only 27 percent of the teams in the NHL own the official web domain for the team. Almost half of the hockey team names' domains -- about 14 out of 30 teams -- are filled with ads. Next to the NHL, the next league that has the lowest number of teams who own their official web domains is the National Football League (NFL), where only 50 percent of the teams own their own web domains. Major League Baseball (MLB) and the National Basketball Association (NBA) have extremely close figure with the MLB teams owning 77 percent of the team domains and the NBA owning 80 percent of the domains.

A team that does not own the brand name web domain will usually own and use a domain that has the domain brand preceded by the city name, for example, There are some situations where this domain naming convention actually works successfully. But at other times, this practice only makes for a bit of confusion and ambiguity in deciding what the domain name really is. This is most readily apparent when there are different ways of writing down the city name that precedes the name of the team.

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