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Who Are the Amish?

The Amish are a group of people who are members of a Christian sect whose practices are far more different than that of the mainstream Christian faith. The name Amish was named after the founder, Jacob Amman in the 17th century. There are about fifty thousand members of the Amish sect mostly residing in the Northern parts of America. The history of the Amish people can be traced back to the time when a fraction of the Christian believers in Europe who separated themselves from the Mennonite church due to some conflicts in beliefs, practices and understanding on the teachings of Christianity. Majority of the Amish people fled to the northern part of America during the time when people in Europe with faith that is different from the majority are persecuted.

The Amish people have a somewhat different way of life that is highly traditional, patriarchal and with a very strict system of community life. Starting from their appearance, their clothes are similar to that of the people in the middle ages. One can still see Amish people in their traditional get-up in one of the towns in Pennsylvania. Their patriarchal culture requires women to be submissive and obedient to their husband. Though they may have the same responsibilities, and sometimes do heavier work that the men, they are still considered inferior to the men and that they have to follow a more rigid code of conducts or regulations. They are avid promoters of interconnectedness that is why they reject education and technology as these promotes individualism.

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