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Who Are Australian Aborigines?

The Australian Aborigines are known as the first people to have dwelt in the vast continent of Australia. The word Aborigines refers to people who are the first or the earliest known populations that inhabited the land. It was believed that the Australian Aborigines came from the Southeast Asia and arrived in the continent of Australia through a land strip that connect Asia to Australia 40 to 50 thousand years ago. The term Australian Aborigines does not refer to one group of people or tribe but refers to a variety of tribes with different language and culture. These people include among others the Palawah, Koori, Nunga, Yapa and many others. They were the people who first settled in the coastal and dessert areas of Australia. The Australian Aborigines are known for their skills in hunting, fishing and making tools for daily living and survival. There are many artifacts that show their advanced use of hunting materials found in many areas in Australia.

By the time when the British colonized the Austrlian continent, the colonization brought severe suffering to the Aborigines. They were subjected to slavery, discrimination and even massacre. The British brought with them some venereal diseases that were foreign to the Aborigines’ immune system. By the end of the 19th century, almost 90% of the population of the Australian Aborigines had diminished due to the sufferings that they have experienced in the hands of the British colonizers. Nowadays, Australian Aborigines were highly assimilated in the mainstream Australian culture leading to the extinction of their culture and language, coupled with social problems such as alcohol and drug abuses.

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