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Who Are the Beatles?

The Beatles are often considered to be the most influential rock and roll band in history. They are very famous performers with albums that sold more than a billion copies around the world.

The Beatles were organized in 1963 when the members were still in high school. The band is composed of Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison. The Beatles originally had a great performance in England, where they have earned their mark. However, they were not a hit in the United States until such time when they first appeared in the show entitled, The Ed Sullivan Show. After that appearance, a lot of girls were attracted to their music, their looks and eventually many people became avid fan of the group. Guys their age became attracted to their clothing and hair styles, thus the Beatlemania phenomenon started in 1964.

The Beatles were famous with their creative and catchy songs that are very innovative. This made people patronize their music given the very positive feedbacks of critics around the world. Their best album of all times was the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band. In 1969 after seven years of best hits and bestselling music, the group disintegrated and went on separate ways. They decided to perform their final concert in London. John Lennon became a solo artist but was killed by a fanatic fan in 1980. Paul McCartney on the other hand performed with her wife while George Harrison, who also produced many hit singles died in 2001 caused by cancer.

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