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Who Are the Grimm Brothers?

The Grimm Brothers are known for their stories and folktales that have become famous around the world. The Grimm brothers are Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm, who were German in nationality. They are famous for their children stories that become influential in the 19th century comparative literature and cultural studies in Europe. A lot of their works are well-loved by children throughout the world and their folklore and fairytales were collected by children of different nationalities and were translated into different languages.

Their stories tell of German folklores that characterized the situations of their times. Some of their stories were an allegory of the societal conditions and people’s hopes. Snow White is a story of a young princess that an envious step mother would want to kill for her to become the most beautiful woman in the world. Hansel and Gretel is also about a monstrous step mother who wanted to eliminate the two children. Other stories such as the Rapunzel and Rumpelstiltskin are stories about princesses and fairies as well as of the evil villain. It was the Grimm brothers who first presented the standard system of the Dutch language which has been instrumental in building a unified German culture and language. The Grimm brothers worked as university professors in Goettingen. Later in 18841 they worked in the University of Berlin. In 1848 Jakob Grimm left the University of Berlin and in 1852, Wilhelm followed. They left the university to pursue their own academic interests. In December 1859, Wilhelm died followed by Jakob in 1863.

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