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Who Are Gypsies?

To be a gypsy is to live a nomadic, wandering lifestyle.

The term “gypsies” has long been considered a derogatory term by both local and international organizations that advocates for equality, dignity and human rights.

More specifically, the term actually refers to an ethnic group that are widely scattered throughout the vast continent of Europe, America and Asia, particularly in the Middle East. The gypsies are actually Roma people, also called Romani ethnic group. They were once thought to have originated in the country of Egypt, and so were known as people who have committed severe offence to the baby Jesus Christ, thus they were excommunicated and out casted. The term gypsy originated from the word Egyptian, believing that they were from Egypt. Recent archeological findings, however, proved that the Roma ethnic group came from the subcontinent of India. They are mostly nomadic, but a large number are already staying in permanent residences. Many of the Roam people can be found in the Balkans.

Throughout the history of humankind, the Romani people experienced severe discrimination and other forms of exploitations. Their nomadic nature as well as their unwillingness to blend in the mainstream has caused further divide and violence. In fact, they have been subject to slavery and were one of the targets during the holocaust.

Unfortunately, even at present, the Roma ethnic group continues to suffer from discrimination though non-discriminatory laws has already lessened such incidence. They have been unfairly portrayed in stories as people full of superstitious beliefs, untrustworthy, witches and many other derogatory descriptions. However, many Romani are already assimilated in their new culture and environment.

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