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Who Are the Igorots?

The term Igorot literally means people from the mountain. The term refers to one of the many ethnic groups scattered in the archipelago of the Philippines are the Igorots. They are the native people who first settled in the mountainous areas of the Cordillera Region in the Central and Northern Luzon. They are known worldwide for their astounding creativity, industry and resourcefulness by making the rice-terraces in the mountains of the Cordillera where they plant their crops and well as rice. In the early years of their settlement in the archipelago, they were known to be cannibals. However, with the passing of the time, they have become experts in carving terraces in the mountains with high altitudes. The Igorots are categorized on the basis of their language, locations, appearance, cultural practices and traditions, through generally, there are many similarities that can be found from one Igorot ethno-linguistic group to another Igorot group.

There are six groups within the Igorot tribe. They are the Ifugao, Isneg, Bontoc, Ibaloi, Kalinga and Kankanaey. Their differences are usually marked by the location by which they thrive and the practices by which they are known. The Ifugao people are well-known for their extensive epics that were handed down from generation to generation through the word of mouth. The Bontoc people are known for their headhunting activities and cannibalistic ways but have changed much in the later years. The Ibaloi people are highly agrarian and are known for their extensive knowledge in growing crops while Kalinga people are known for their strong kinship ties and diplomacy.

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