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Who Are the Mayans?

The Mayans are indigenous people in the Americas who were considered as the world’s most advanced people with rich culture, systematic language as well as innovations that have been very influential in the development of the new world. They Mayans are excellent in the fields of sciences, math, architecture and astronomy. Artifacts that prove these credits to Mayans can be found in Mexico. Their discoveries in astronomy as well their mathematical expertise are still being recognized and even used up to these days. The influences brought about by the culture of the Mayans have been integrated into the present practices and even beliefs such as that of Christianity. Some religions have Mayan influences which were not highlighted as centuries passed by.

The Mayans were the first to have formed a government structure in the new world in which the power is devolved to the individual municipalities instead of having a central control or structure that governs the entire land. This system of governance was believed to be their way of life or their culture. They also have their well-defined rituals, burial rites, architecture designs as well as a systematic record of their conquests, battles and lineages through the aid of hieroglyphs.

In the present time, the culture and the works of the Mayans were preserved despite the fact that it underwent weakening during the 15th century when the Spanish conquest invaded the Mayan people. Up to now, there are people of Mayan descendants in the areas in Latin Americas such as Guatemala and Mexico.

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