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Who Are Pancake People?

With the advent of science and technology as well as the innovations that made people’s lives comfortable came the globalization of information and knowledge. As the internet connects people from the other side of the globe, information can also be shared in a matter of seconds wherever a person may be. The 21st century can be characterized as the rise of an astounding improvement in all aspects of life to a point that people tend to know everything, but also know little of everything. People nowadays know a lot of things more than what the great thinkers, philosophers and scientists of the ancient times. However, the only difference is that fact that great thinkers know and profoundly mastered a certain discipline, while today’s people knows a lot but with no specific discipline in which they are expert on.

The new generation is said to be pancake people, meaning, they are individuals who study a lot of subjects, dab over many interest and dwells in an instant intellectual satisfaction rather than focusing on a certain subject and become expert on it. Just as like the pancake that spreads thinly over the cooking pan, pancake people are also having a working knowledge on everything, are able to connect to instant information but are not likely to know or master one special skill or knowledge. It’s more like saying that pancake people are like jacks of all trades but they are a master of none. There is a danger for this pancake people phenomenon as this will cause the new generation to study and deeply understand the history and innovations of humanity.

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