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Who Are Paparazzi?

The term paparazzi originated from a movie in the 1960s entitled La Dolce Vita in which a male character named Paparazzo who is a photographer has always been looking for the next big thing to happen so that he can shoot a laudably unique and one in a million photographs of people who are deemed important, powerful and famous. It was from this character where the terms paparazzi was coined.

Just as what paparazzo did in the movie, paparazzi are constantly in search for best photographs of celebrities in a way that will make them famous and sought after. They try to stalk celebrities with hidden cameras to get a glimpse of the celebrities’ personal lives and events. As much as possible, they wanted to hook celebrities in their most candid moments and in their most unappealing moments. However, paparazzi are also invited in big events where they can take pictures of celebrities. They are freelance photographers so the competition among paparazzi is also very tight as each has to get a picture which is unique and could earn a large sum. Because of this, many paparazzi are also in danger of going into court for trespassing personal events of properties of the celebrities they are looking on. They also are in danger of losing their jobs for not getting any good pictures. Having paparazzi around is also very stressful to celebrities that is why celebrities always try to look their best even how stressful it would seem to be always like.

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