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Who Is Charles Darwin?

Charles Darwin, whole real name is Charles Robert Darwin, is one of the most influential scientist that shook the foundation of the world that were governed by people of faith. His theories on the evolution of man, animals as well as plant species have changed the world order that teaches people to believe that they have been created in the image of God. His researches were apparently against the Christian faith, but many naturalist and historians accepted his claims. His book on evolution, entitles “On the Origins of Species” published in 1859 has aroused criticisms that which he was not able to defend because of his failing health. Nevertheless, his efforts have become the foundation of knowledge by which scientists and biologists after him based their work.

Basic to Charles Darwin’s theory is the evolution of animals to better adapt to their new environment, which was based on his observation on the animal species that were having similar make-up but have slightly different structures depending on the environment they are into. This made his claim stronger on the aspect of adaptability as one aspect why animals and plants evolved. One of his most controversial claims is that human beings evolved from apes. This aroused widespread criticism because it radically changes the view that humanity has of itself. However, his work has been a major foundation for modern biology and other natural sciences. Charles Darwin was one of the 19th century’s most influential, controversial but also one of the most brilliant individuals that was given a state funeral in the United Kingdom.

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