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Who Is Confucius?

Confucius is one of China’s great philosophers who was the founder of Confucianism. Though it was never known if he would ever call his teachings a foundation for a religion and if he ever would like it to be venerated, he was still one of the world’s most influential thinker and teacher. His real name is K’ung Fu-tzu, born in 551 BCE. His teachings were actually for the rulers of their land during his time. His teachings were later spread by his disciples and grandsons after his passing. Confucius was not a prophet, nor was he a person of high spirituality. His teachings dwell on how people should behave in the society and how people should conduct themselves to others. His was a teaching of what historians call as beautiful conduct.

The beautiful conduct as expounded by Confucius is about the correct conduct of leaders towards it followers, parents towards children, husband towards wife, elderly towards children, father and son and vise versa. He believed that by having a stable relationship and right behavior as a citizen, the society will always be happy and prosperous. He also emphasized the importance of filial piety, a concept that is deeply integrated into the Chinese cultural system and worldview. For Confucius, to be able to become a good citizen, a person or individual must suppress extreme actions that could hurt others as well as extreme emotions that could make the atmosphere chaotic. Each individual must be considerate and kind so that other will also be considerate and kind to them.

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