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Who Is Dan Brown?

Dan Brown is one of the most famous and controversial fiction thriller authors in the present time. He was well known for his best-selling series of exciting stories that dwells on the topics that aroused spiritual discussions and debates among people of faith. His love for art, as one of the recurring themes in his novels was greatly inspired by his mother who was a professional musician. His love for books was also inspired by his father who was also a writer of textbooks.

Before entering the world of writing, Dan Brown was originally a musician who was able to successfully release a music album for children, and another one for adults. His first writing career was actually a joint effort with his wife. He became an English teacher and eventually a full time writer after the publication of his first novel, Digital Fortress. His novel however did not bait the masses. It was in 2003 when Dan Brown was a t his peak of success with the publication of his novel, Da Vinci Code, which was very controversial as it involved criticism of Christian faith and other religious themes. His novel Da Vince Code as well as his succeeding novels plays on topics about conspiracy theories, symbols, codes and cryptographs which captured the readers’ interest.

Dan Brown has continued to write novels, the recent of which is the Lost Symbol which is about the founding fathers of the United States as well as secrets behind the White House in Washington, D.C.

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