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Who Is Eligible for Welfare in the United States?

Welfare is a government-sponsored program that aims to help people with very little or no income. This includes poor workers. Welfare is mainly targeted towards families who are raising children, older citizens, and those who have disabilities. Welfare aid can take the form of food stamps, Medicaid or even outright cash assistance. There are some states where welfare aid can be given in the form of credits, grants or vouchers. In order to become eligible for welfare in the United States, one has to meet certain requirements. A person who wants to become part of the welfare program must apply for it and be able to show proof that he needs financial aid. He must also be able to agree to fulfill both federal and state requirements, which are quite extensive.

A person that is eligible to enter the welfare program in the United States should be a citizen of the country or lawfully admitted in the country as a permanent resident. There are some exceptions that are applied when it comes to this citizenship rule. The person's citizenship is reviewed when he applies for welfare and this will also include the status of all the applicant's household members. Each state also imposes different residency requirements.

The applicant should also present a social security number before he can receive welfare benefits. This is a requirement not just for adults but also for the children that are part of the applicant's household. A person who does not have a social security number is required to apply for one and show proof that a number has been applied for. The number should then be provided to the caseworker once it is issued.

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