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Who Is Ferdinand Marcos?

Ferdinand Marcos, whose real name is Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos was known for his long reign in the Philippines that lasted for 20 years. He was also known for his military dictatorship that ended with the bloodless revolution in 1986, as people gathered together in the streets to oust him and declare a women president as his successor. Despite the negative image of Marcos, a lot of Filipino people are also admiring him for his intelligence that brought so much development in the country in the early years of his reign. He was well known for his infrastructure development drive as well as with his diplomatic relations with the international community. He has led international organizations of countries and is also known as an intelligent president whose ideas were far reaching.

One of the highlights of his life was when he was put to jail because of the murder he committed to the political opponent of his father. While in jail, he prepared for the 1938 Philippine Bar Exam. He got the highest score in the exam, and eventually defended himself in the court and freed himself. He later entered the politics and eventually elected as president. Despite the improvements brought about by his leadership, he was not spared with massive criticisms brought about by corruption in the government. He declared martial law to repress activists.

His career ended with the assassination of his rival Benigno Aquino. He later went to Hawaii with his family and died there of health complications.

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