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Who Is George Eliot?

George Eliot was prominent Victorian writer who disguised herself in the name of a man to escape the stereotypes that women writers suffered during her time. George Eliot is actually Mary Ann Evanz, whose writings were considered as among the best during the time when women’s literary works are not considered seriously. There are several reasons why George Eliot used a pen name. First, she wanted her work to flourish, and second, she wanted to make her life private given that she was involved in a relationship with a married man, which as the time was considered a grave shame or misconduct worthy of excommunication from the church.

George Eliot’s work dwells on the topics about women in the rural areas whose rights are repressed and are too powerless to assert their power. She recounts how women were treated in a male-dominated world. Her works were considered revolutionary as it involves topics such as women empowerment and social structures that place women in the bottom of the strata. Throughout her writing career, she has written several novels which include Silas Marner, The Mill on the Floss and others that which contributed to the birth of realism in the literary world.

At the age of 60, after the death of her previous romantic partner, George Elliot married her friend who was 20 years younger than her. She hasn’t survived a year in their married life because she died of a kidney complication and throat infection right after her 61st birthday. She wrote a total of 11 novels before she died.

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