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Who Is George W. Bush?

When one talks about George W. Bush, most people would think of that American man who has been pro-active in the war in Iraq. He was also the face the world had seen to give explanations when America was attacked by terrorists. The man is George W. Bush, the 43 president of the United States who is a son of the 41st President of the United States, Herbert Walker Bush. The Bush’s are relatively well-off and politically inclined family in Connecticut where they have established their family’s political career.

Bush graduated in Yale with a degree in history. He served for 5 years in the Texas Air National Guard and after his release, went back to school in Harvard. The first political experience of Bush is when he run for the House of Representatives in Texas but lost the election. He then explored on investing on the oil industry which he eventually chaired. When his father run for the election, he also established himself and eventually run again as governor of Texas. He was re-elected as governor because of his welfare projects such as drug and alcohol prevention programs, anti-domestic violence programs, education and funding for religious groups that provide welfare services. He became president in 2000 and was elected in the post in 2004. He was able to win over his powerful contenders namely John McCain and John Kerry in a close-fight election. Despite allegations of fraud in the elections, George Bush continued performing his roles as president of the state.

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