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Who Is Imelda Marcos?

Behind the reign of Ferdinand Marcos is a powerful wife who was criticized for her extravagant spending and collections of jewelries, shoes and artworks. Her name is Imelda Marcos, a beauty queen who used her charms to bait the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos. Her real name is Imelda Remedios Visitacion Romualdez. Her marriage with the 10th president of the Philippines bore them three children. They also adopted another child. Just like their parents, the Marcos children were also involved in politics at present. They hold high posts in their provinces. Imelda Marcos on the other hand is currently a congresswoman of the Ilocos Province where the Marcos family originated.

During the reign of his husband as president of the country, Imelda also held several important political posts that were inexistent but were created for her. She was also known for her philosophies and ideals that contradict her role as a public servant. She was criticized for her extravagant spending abroad, raising concerns that the money she is using came from the public funds. Her collections of shoes and jewelries as well as artworks of famous European artists were confiscated during the time when martial law was lifted, and a lot of people attacked the presidential palace.

It was later learned that the Marcoses have evaded a lot of public money and deposited it in several countries. Her family is facing a lot of case in the court even at present but with the position they hold in government, no actions were yet taken.

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